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8 April 2014

Weathered BIF testwork at Kauring exhibits potential for coarse grained hematite product

7 April 2014

Investor Presentation - April 2014

22 March 2014

Global Focus for iron ore suits Magnetic

20 March 2014

Testwork confirms coarse grained magnetite at Kauring

11 March 2014

Half-Year Financial Report for the period ending 31 Dec 2013

4 March 2014

Strong assay results at Kauring - Amendment

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magnetic resources


Magnetic Resources remains focused on its extensive SW Western Australian iron ore holdings and on advancing its discovery of premium quality magnetite deposits close to existing rail and port infrastructure. A location map of the company's tenements is shown in Figure 1. In particular, progress in the Ragged Rock are near Northam during the year has been most encouraging with a positive preliminary economic assessment providing the impetus to commence drilling.





Figure 1. Project Locations

Alto Capital Research November 2013